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Thug Life Moments: (Exo) Xiumin and (Fx) Amber Edition [Savage Compilation]

TitleThug Life Moments: (Exo) Xiumin and (Fx) Amber Edition [Savage Compilation]
Size14.18 MB
Type Audio / Mpeg
Bitrate 192 KBPS
AuthorMona Uchida

More trashy unfunny videos from me:
I made this K-Pop video because I was inspired by Onthebordercollie's videos. Check 'em out if you haven't already. They are a hilarious goldmine, for real and I love their work. I really wanted to see this done for Xiumin and Amber, but knew that it would likely never happen so instead of waiting around and thinking about it, I decided to be pro-active about it and make it for both myself and for you guys to enjoy. Xiumin and Amber are my fave male and female biases from SM entertainment, so I had to do a compilation, guys. I don't mean to take any credit for anything, but I've been watching Thug Life montages ever since my brothers introduced them to me years ago. When I saw OTBC's Kpop version ones, I was really pleased! Xiumin and Amber are both straight up savages at times and I love that nearly the most about them! Anyway, I merely made this for enjoyment purposes, so I hope you guys like it as much I love their presence in K-Pop. I'm grateful to all the videos, translators and wonderful fan-cams that caught all these Xiuber thug moments. I think that about sums this up and oh, once again, check out Onthebordercollie's videos if you haven't already. You won't regret it.

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